Flat Water Tuesday

Flat Water Tuesday - Ron  Irwin I received this book in a goodreads first reads giveaway.I didn't really know anything about rowing going into this novel, and I didn't need to; the writing is vivid/clear enough to understand what's going on, you get used to the more technical terms, etc. It's about a group of high school students essentially training for one very important race, and I can see how those with a background in rowing might get more out of this novel than I did, but ultimately this is a very human story that anyone can enjoy. Many of the characters are difficult/complicated people, and even if some of their actions or choices are frustrating (like wishing Rob would suck it up and be a part of the team already, for example,) you understand their motivations. I enjoyed this a lot more than I initially thought I would; these characters are going to stick in my head for a while.